Hedgehog 360° ßeta

Yes, the call-in is cancelled... but fasten your seat belts and get ready for the next level of awesome! It's fan creations to the power of cool! Hedgehog 360° is currently in "dev stage", so we've provided you with a neat-o beta site for now! The final site's gonna be about quality fan-made material, so stick around 'cause the best is yet to come!

UPDATE! ßETA V2 is over here>>sonicsubspace.co.cc
It's a work in progress right now. In a few weeks, something of "quality" should be in place. ETA of V2: :Late February, 2010! Oh, and don't join anything on the Beta ... you might enjoy deleting spam, but you won't enjoy having your account constantly deleted and then having to keep re-registering a zillion times. At least that's how many times I've cleared the user databases so far! :) But, enjoy what you've got here. Sonic-style coolness is almost here!

UPDATE! Hedgehog 360° Beta's Wikispace subscription just expired. Don't worry, though! This site will continue--minus the eye candy top and bottom--until Beta V2 is complete. Now we have even more incentive to hurry completion--with quality, mind you!

Slogan 1: The ultimate repository for everything fan-created!
Slogan 2: EST 2010 Givin' you the best in Sonic fan talent!
Slogan 3: Way past cool... fan-style. Sonic Subspace
Slogan 4: Fan-created... fan-loved... Sonic Subspace!
Slogan 5: Rollin' around at the speed of style... Sonic Subspace!
Slogan 6: Sonic=Awesome; Fan-created=Cool
Sonic Subspace=Sonic+Talent= Xtremely Awesome Coolness!
Slogan 7: Music, art, games... the works! Sonic Subspace... Fan-created spiffiness!
Slogan 8: Sonic Subspace... fandom in the making!
Slogan 9: Get ready to ROCK 'N ROLL! Sonic Subspace

Broadcast Center >Watch live jam sessions of the greatest Sonic fan musicians, rockin' videocasts and more all on the Hedgehog On-Air Channel! When there's nothing live, be sure to sit back and relax to a stream of fan-made creations.

>Downloads for anything Sonic: there's the best fan artwork, never-released sheet music, fan-created games & more!

Forums & Chat Room
>Chat and chill on the Hedgehog-2-Hedgehog Chat Room and Forums. The Chat Room features full webcam and mike support while the Forums has a wide variety of topics to choose and--get this--games to play!

Radio Channel>From the slopes of Green Hill Zone to the steps of Station Square, it's music galore! Enter a audio nirvana with the classics tracks and the modern rockin' hits of Sonic the Hedgehog! Songs will continually pour in so keep your eyes open!

Copyright © Hedgehog 360° 2010. Sonic the Hedgehog is copyright © SEGA Corporation. Published material and comments are those of the respective authors. All rights reserved.
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